GTi, GTE y GTD: así son las versiones deportivas del nuevo VW Golf VIII

VW presentó de manera oficial las versiones deportivas del nuevo Golf VIII: GTi (turbonaftero), GTD (turbodiesel) y GTE (híbrido). Estas versiones “Gran Turismo” estarán acompañadas más adelante por el Golf R, con tracción integral.

* Golf GTi VIII: Tiene un motor 2.0 turbonaftero con 245 caballos de potencia.

* Golf GTD VIII: Tiene un motor 2.0 turbodiesel con 200 caballos de potencia y 400 Nm de torque.

* Golf GTE VIII: Es un híbrido naftero-eléctrico con una potencia combinada de 245 cv y la posibilidad de recorrer hasta 60 kilómetros en modo 100% eléctrico.

El ejecutivo argentino Pablo Di Si, CEO de VW Latinoamérica, confirmó que el nuevo Golf VIII está planeado para venderse en la Argentina (leer entrevista). Vendrá importado de Alemania, aunque todavía no se informó una fecha de lanzamiento oficial.












Comunicado de prensa de VW
Première of the new Golf GTI, GTE and GTD – Volkswagen brings sports icons into the digital age

Petrol, hybrid and diesel. Golf GTI* and partially electric Golf GTE* now with identical output; Golf GTD* is highly efficient over long distances
Innovision Cockpit. Golf GTI, GTE and GTD always feature the digital instrument cluster and 10-inch infotainment system
Always on. We Connect services bring streaming, Internet Radio and other online features on board the GTI, GTE and GTD
Pulse of the digital world. New start-stop button pulses red before the engine starts
Charismatic design. New bumpers, new roof spoiler, new diffuser and new lettering
Light as chrome. The Golf GTI, GTE and GTD will be equipped with an illuminated radiator grille bar as standard for the first time
LEDs in an X-shape. Five strikingly arranged LEDs create the fog lights in the bumpers (optional)

Golf GTI
Icon – the 8th generation. The new Golf GTI is a pure, efficient, high-tech, compact sports car for the digital age
Turbocharged petrol engine. The GTI engine generates 180 kW (245 PS). It powers the unmistakeable, original version of the compact sports car
Quicker gear shifts. DSG with new shift-by-wire gearbox features unique characteristics in the Golf GTI
Light output with style. LED headlights and LED tail light clusters, exterior and interior background lighting
GTI charisma. Open front bumper with GTI wings and honeycomb grille, GTI diffuser with tailpipes on the left and right
Motorsport features. Striking black side sills form a line with the front splitter and rear diffuser
GTI steering wheel. New multifunction leather sports steering wheel with touch controls, perforated leather and GTI clasp in chrome/red
GTI for a new age. Digital Cockpit and 30-colour background lighting including GTI-specific mode

Golf GTE
Electrified sports car. New performance plug-in hybrid combines electrical sustainability with vast, dynamic performance
Turbocharged petrol engine with electric motor. The 180 kW (245 PS) Golf GTE has reached the performance level of the Golf GTI
Zero local emissions. Battery with 50% more energy capacity (13 kWh) extends electrical range to around 60 kilometres
All-electric start. The performance plug-in hybrid drive in the Golf GTE starts on electrical power alone, with zero emissions
Predictive hybrid control. The sophisticated electronics of the GTE incorporates GPS and route data into powertrain control
DRIVE (optional). Travel Assist provides Golf GTE drivers with active steering, accelerating and braking (up to 210 km/h)
GTE – distinguishing features. GTE with no visible tailpipes (GTI has a tailpipe on the right and left, GTD has double tailpipe on the left)
GTE instruments. Digital Cockpit and Infotainment system with GTE-specific efficiency and range displays

Golf GTD
Endurance athlete. High efficiency levels of the new GTD engine enable very long ranges
Turbocharged diesel engine. 147 kW (200 PS) of power and 400 Nm of torque are the vital statistics of the most powerful Golf with a TDI engine
Double SCR catalytic converter. Twin dosing significantly reduces nitrogen oxides (NOx) generated by the TDI compared with the engine in the predecessor model
Always automatic. New Golf GTD launched onto the market with a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox (DSG) as standard
LED headlights as standard. GTD has option of illuminated radiator grille fin which merges into the LED headlights
GTD insignia. Air intake grille in honeycomb design, red brake calipers, illuminated radiator grille and red pulsing start button
GTD interior. Background lighting with 30 colours and new Digital Cockpit provide extra GTD ambience
Digital GTD. New touch and slide surfaces, screens and shift-by-wire


Wolfsburg, March 2020. A car becomes an icon when its design DNA and character remain recognisable for decades. It is also important for an icon to provide fresh ideas in order to cope with the challenges of our time. Just like the Golf GTI. For 44 years, Volkswagen has been reinventing this icon of sporty, compact cars while retaining the original concept – generation after generation. The eighth reinterpretation of the Golf GTI is now celebrating its debut. Newly designed and engineered – fully digitalised and networked. A Golf GTI that is fit for the modern era. The Golf Mk1 from 1976 has long evolved into a vehicle family. This was followed in 1982 by the first Golf GTD with a turbocharged diesel engine, and in 2014 by the first Golf GTE to feature plug-in hybrid drive. And so it stands to reason that a new Golf GTD and a new Golf GTE are celebrating their world premières alongside the new Golf GTI. Three Golf variants, three characters, three efficient and clean drive systems – but one design and specification philosophy.

GTI. The new Golf GTI is an agile, raw, efficient and high-tech compact sports car for the digital age – with 180 kW (245 PS).

GTE. With a system output of 180 kW, the new Golf GTE is just as powerful as the Golf GTI. The hybrid drive is designed for sporting performance and combines electrical sustainability and zero-emission distances of around 60 kilometres with a great dynamic performance.

GTD. The new Golf GTD is a real endurance athlete. In this variant an output of 147 kW (200 PS) has been coupled with very long fuel ranges.


Dynamic front end. The design of the new, sporty Golf models embodies unadulterated charisma. The standard LED headlights are positioned low down and form a striking crossbar in conjunction with the radiator grille. Towards the top of the bonnet a narrow line spans the front end – red in the case of the GTI, blue for the GTE and silver for the GTD. All are typical insignia just like the red radiator grille frame on the first Golf GTI. Once the daytime running lights are activated – when the driver approaches with the key (optional) – an LED strip in the headlight mirrors the red, blue or silver line. As standard, the radiator grille is illuminated as a continuation of the LED strip for the first time. This creates the completely new, unmistakable headlight design of the Golf GTI, GTE and GTD. Another striking and unmistakable feature is the typically large, one-piece lower air intake grille in a honeycomb pattern. It is framed on the outside by a black application, with a striking wing-like design on the sides. The new GTI insignia also include the optional fog lights which are now integrated into the air intake grille in an X-shape.

Striking outline. The side section features the eye-catching, standard 17-inch Richmond alloy wheels, unique to the GTI. 18-inch or 19-inch rims are available on request. Painted red: brake calipers of the new, sporty Golf models. The GTI and GTD also carry a signet with the respective lettering on the side of the front wing panel. The GTE does not boast this feature but instead has an extra supply connection on the passenger side for charging the battery. All three models feature wider side skirts sills in black – with a splitter design similar to that found on racing cars. The sills come together to form the front spoiler and the rear diffuser. An individualised spoiler extends the roof line at the very top of the outline. The dominant design element of the side section is the C-pillar, a characteristic element of all versions of the Golf. It visually propels the vehicle body forwards and transposes the iconic graphics of the original Golf and GTI into the modern era.

Superior rear end. The new Golf has a powerful shoulder section and striking rear end design. This also benefits the new, sporty models, which are fitted with LED tail light clusters as standard. The GTI, GTE or GTD lettering is now positioned centrally under the Volkswagen emblem rather than on the driver side as it was before. The roof spoiler is extended rearwards and merges with the black edging around the rear window, making the Golf GTI, GTE and GTD appear even flatter than the less powerful models. At the bottom, the sporty diffuser distinguishes the new versions from the other versions of the series. They are also differentiated by the tailpipes of the exhaust systems – the GTI has one tailpipe on the left and one on the right, the GTD has a double tailpipe on the left, and there is no tailpipe in sight on the GTE.


Dynamic insignia. Ever since the first Golf GTI made its debut, this car has been like a perfectly fitting pair of jeans. Right from the outset, Volkswagen created distinctive, dynamic insignia with the multitude of interior details – the sports steering wheel featuring three silver double spokes and recessed Wolfsburg emblem, the gear knob in the shape of a black golf ball, GTI sports seats in tartan with black side bolsters – all of which are considered classic design pieces.

A nod to the past, a nod to the future. Although Volkswagen is enhancing the digital and networking capabilities of the eighth-generation Golf – and with it the GTI, GTE and GTD – to an unprecedented extent in order to future-proof the range, many of the original insignia can still be found on board. However, the sports steering wheel of yesteryear has been transformed into a new multifunction leather sports steering wheel with touch controls and an optionally integrated Travel Assist button to help the powerful Golf models reach a top speed of 210 km/h while Travel Assist is engaged. The three silver spokes have been retained – in the GTI, the interior of the central spoke has a red finish, while the GTE and GTD have blue and silver finishes respectively. The classic checked pattern of the sports seats is also retained. The new checked design is called Scalepaper. The seams of the grey and black design are red in the GTI, blue in the GTE and light grey in the GTD. Red, blue or black are also used for all decorative seams and edging, depending on the model.

Fit for the modern age. The Innovision Cockpit extends upwards upon opening the doors in the Golf GTI, GTE and GTD. It is a fusion of the top-of-the-range version of the 10.25-inch Digital Cockpit (digital instruments) and the 10-inch navigation system. The visual and functional blend of the two screens creates a new and consistent, digital architecture. The background lighting, which also comes as standard, embeds the displays and all other illuminated interior areas (dash panel, door trim, storage compartment with interface for mobile telephone, footwell) in a spectrum of 30 configurable colours. The Golf GTI, which is equipped with a 6-speed manual gearbox as standard, features a brand new GTI gear knob. The GTI is available with an optional, automatic 7-speed dual clutch gearbox (DSG); the GTD comes exclusively with this DSG. The GTE features a 6-speed DSG developed for hybrid drive. The models equipped with a DSG are generally shift by wire; the DSG gear lever itself has been designed specifically. The functionality of the standard start/stop button for the drive systems of the three sporty Golf models has been customised – once the doors have been opened, it pulses red until the drive system has been started.


Basic equipment. In general, every new Golf is fitted with assist systems including the Lane Assist lane keeping system, Front Assist Autonomous Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Monitoring, XDS electronic differential lock and Car2X (local communication with other vehicles and the traffic infrastructure). Standard digital instruments and an infotainment system to suit the mobile We Connect and We Connect Plus online services and functions that have been integrated here. A multifunction steering wheel, single-zone automatic climate control (Climatronic), the Press & Drive comfort start system, a Bluetooth provision for mobile telephone, LED headlights, LED tail light clusters, LED daytime running lights, LED reading lights and two USB-C ports. This range of equipment is once again extended significantly for GTI, GTE and GTD.

Enhanced equipment. On the exterior, the equipment outlined here is supplemented by 17-inch alloy wheels, a customised front section, a grooved rear diffuser, a standalone roof spoiler, the corresponding model logos, individual tailpipe systems, red brake calipers and sill extensions. The functions include sports running gear (only GTI and GTD; 15 mm lower) and the Keyless Access locking and starting system and associated lighting. In the interior, the top-of-the-range version of the Digital Cockpit (multiple screen configurations) and the 10-inch navigation system merge to form the Innovision Cockpit. The colour and graphics of the Digital Cockpit correspond to the respective model. In many other details, as is the case with the exterior, the Golf GTI, GTE, GTD are also differentiated by the specific colours assigned to the respective drive system – red (GTI), blue (GTE) and silver (GTD). All pedals are made of stainless steel.


GTI with turbocharged petrol engine. The new Golf GTI is powered by a 180 kW (245 PS) 2.0-litre turbocharged injection engine (EA888 evo4). The maximum torque is 370 Nm. The four-cylinder engine is coupled with a 6-speed manual gearbox (MQ350) as standard. A 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox (DQ381 DSG) is available as an option.

GTE with plug-in hybrid. The plug-in hybrid drive of the Golf GTE essentially consists of a 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol engine (EA211 TSI) with 110 kW (150 PS), the hybrid module with an electric motor (85 kW), a 6-speed DSG (DQ400e) and a new lithium-ion battery. The powertrain delivers a maximum power output of 180 kW (245 PS) and a maximum system torque of 400 Nm. Compared with its predecessor, the all-electric range has increased significantly to now around 60 km. Volkswagen’s engineers have achieved the increase in range by improving the Golf’s aerodynamics and managing to increase the energy content of the battery by 50% to 13 kWh. It can be driven at speeds of up to 130 km/h in all-electric mode. When the battery is sufficiently charged, the Golf GTE always starts in all-electric E-MODE. The drive switches to Hybrid mode if the energy capacity of the battery drops below a certain level or if the speed rises above 130 km/h. In Hybrid mode, the driver has the option of maintaining the state of charge using three symbols on the Infotainment system screen (the equal sign “=”), increasing it (up arrow “Ù”) or reducing it to a defined level (down arrow “Ú”). This makes it possible to drive into an urban destination area under electric power and with zero emissions, even at the end of a longer journey, if so required. Whenever route guidance is active in the navigation system, the battery manager also predictively takes into account road and topographical data to ensure the set battery energy is available when you reach your destination. During this process, battery use is adapted on the basis of the route data in order to achieve an optimum electrical range.

GTD with turbocharged diesel engine. The long-distance sports car features a 2.0-litre, four-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine (TDI) with an output of 147 kW (200 PS). The Golf GTD engine (EA288 evo series) generates an impressively high maximum torque of 400 Nm. The TDI already delivers this power at very low engine speeds. As with all the turbocharged diesel engines in the new Golf, the GTD’s drive system is linked to two SCR catalytic converters connected in series (SCR = Selective Catalytic Reduction). This new twin dosing SCR system with dual AdBlue injection greatly reduces nitrogen oxide emissions compared with its predecessor. Volkswagen offers the Golf GTD with a 7-speed dual clutch gearbox (DQ381 DSG) as standard.


Improved comfort and dynamics. Volkswagen has developed and perfected the running gear of the Golf GTI, GTE and GTD with the combination of a McPherson front axle and a multi-link rear suspension. A new driving dynamics control system known as the Vehicle Dynamics Manager is used for the first time. The system controls both the XDS function and the lateral dynamics components of the regulated dampers (optional DCC). This significantly increases the spread between maximum comfort and maximum dynamics, and the vehicle benefits from significantly sharpened driving dynamics as a result.

DCC adaptive chassis control. DDC adaptive chassis control continuously reacts to the road surface and driving situation while taking account of various elements including steering, braking and acceleration manoeuvres. By means of the set driving profile mode, the driver can influence the reduction in body motion as desired. The required damping is calculated for each wheel and adjusted at the four shock absorbers within fractions of a second. Consequently, DCC always provides the highest level of driving comfort and ensures ideal driving dynamics in combination with the driving dynamics manager. In the latest DCC generation, the vehicle setup can be extended in INDIVIDUAL mode to go beyond the existing range of the fixed COMFORT, ECO and SPORT modes. The driver can accurately set and store their personal driving profile using a digital slider. Beyond the COMFORT setting, the body is “decoupled” from the road surface as much as possible, thus boosting driving comfort. Beyond the SPORT setting, there is an extended setting range with maximum damping for minimised body movements and extremely direct handling for that unadulterated GTI, GTD and GTE feeling.

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  1. Esteban13 dice:

    Difícil de digerir el diseño frontal de los antinieblas y la mezcla del escocés en los tapizados con las nuevas pantallas también cuestan. Después más de lo mismo y mejorado, la clásica fórmula del éxito del golf, buena habitabilidad con excelentes prestaciones y confiabilidad.

  2. Gor2 dice:

    olvídense de un golf a menos de 45.000 verdes

  3. juancho dice:

    Me encanta. Quiero el diesel. Terrible debe empujar

  4. Azul y Blanco dice:

    GTD en otra vida por favor.

  5. jero chemes dice:

    Que autazo.
    Gti para mi por favor.

  6. Kasem dice:

    Ojo que vendo todo y me voy a Europa donde si llega el GTD.

  7. jotade dice:

    Ese Diesel tiene que ser una belleza, 400 Nm de torque, por favorrrrrrr, busco el trapo para limpiar las babas del piso y vuelvo…….

  8. Jimi_HX dice:

    Quiero un GTD!!!!


  9. UNDERGROUND dice:

    El deportivo compacto por excelencia. Los comentarios sobran.

    • UNDERGROUND dice:

      “Sitio en mantenimiento” y a continuación duplicaste el comentario cuando pensabas que el primero no se había subido.

    • TGS dice:

      Tiene un pedigree innegable, pero la competencia no esta papando moscas y se esta acercando. El Hyundai i30N es un excelente ejemplo.

      • luk dice:

        Hyundai jamás podrá superar un Golf, ni Ford, Chevrolet, o alguna marca generalista, el único que le hace sombra es el Seat León, su primo – hermano.

        El Golf es un ícono en la industria, TODAS las marcas intentan fabricar un auto para superarlo y hasta hoy es casi imposible.

        Hablemos del diseño, al Golf no se le permite romper ese diseño que lo caracteriza, es como si al 911 le quieras hacer unas lineas que no van con su filosofía, el Golf es un auto con mucha reputación y no se tiene que cambiar esa esencia.

        Por cierto, que hemoso quedó esta generación, me encantó.

        • el_cata dice:

          Creo que hay separar las cosas. En cuanto a “icono de la industria” y la historia del auto, si es difícil de superar. En cuanto a prestaciones y mecánica; hay autos de su segmento que brindan lo mismo o mejor.

        • Colombo dice:

          Superarlo en que?

          Porque el megane se canso de pasarle el trapo en cuanto circuito le pusieron.
          Y desde hace años…

        • elluchox dice:

          El chavito es un vagboy,no entiende de razones, para el, el vag es la perfección.
          Es el Juan mexicano.

        • juancarloslopez dice:

          El i30 N le pasa el trapo al VW Golf GTi. No llego youtube a Mexico ?
          Ayyy luk

        • alexispallas dice:

          Que ganas de hablar al pepe Lukas. Muchos autos lo superan en Performance, chequea bien la plataforma de videos más popular. Hyundai tiene grandes autos.
          Ahora, la historia del golf es difícil de superar, lamentablemente es de lo que se agarra vw con todos sus autos aunque te vendan mielda.

  10. jebus_crazy dice:

    GTD y encima automatico 😍😍
    Por dios…. necesito urgente eso.
    No sigo o viajo a poochieland😜

  11. Ronnie dice:

    Un icono atemporal,para mi GTD.

  12. Joa 2001 dice:

    Que PEDAZO de auto el GTD. Una mecánica estupenda, 200cv y 400 nm de torque 😍😍😍 No lo vendo más. Encima Automático! Extasis!!
    Más allá de las muchas cosas q no me gustan de este nuevo golf, reconozco que la variedad mecánica que ofrece es ejemplar, como así tbien debe serlo su performance y dinámica…

  13. xx dice:

    Recuerdo el GTD Mk3 que se vendió acá.
    Llantas específicas del modelo y el ultra amortizado 1.9 TD de 90cv.

    Me encantaba.

  14. Hugosky dice:

    No me gusta el interior,prefiero el de golf 7.Los medios europeos que lo probaron destacan buen andar,mejor que del 7,que es bastante áspero .Si llego a conseguir un GTI de la séptima generación será mi auto por largos años

  15. Sebad dice:

    El GTD no se va a vender ni en España, medio que lo sacan como obligación.
    El GTE es el que va.

  16. @autazos dice:

    Toda una declaración de principios lanzar el GTD apostando a los deportivos diesel después de lo que fue para la marca el dieselgate y con las exigentes normativas europeas. El diesel está más vivo que nunca en el Golf.

    • turbodiesel dice:


      “Toda una declaración de principios lanzar el GTD”

      Es así, VW sabe muy bien que si no vende motores térmicos se va derecho a la bancarrota,tan es así que pierde 3000 euros por cada ID vendido,el cual por otra parte vale 30000 euros en la entrada de gama y no tiene muy buena crítica

      Este GTD con el nuevo sistema de doble dosificación de Ad blue contamina menos que cualquier turbonafta equivalente.
      O sea más torque menos consumo y mucha menos contaminación.

      PD:Mira como serán las cosas que hace 4 años VW pensaba que el GOLF iba a ser solamente eléctrico 😂😂😂😂😂😂 😂😂😂😂😂

      • titus dice:

        el ID tiene baja calidad de materiales en el secto trasero, si compras la version con mas potencia pierde un asiento por la bateria adicional, etc etc. Es lindo pero tiene sus cosas el ID. Una lastima que este golf no se fabrique en mexico.

  17. yatelito dice:

    Que buena idea el gtd para diferenciarse de la competencia, el color lindísimo, sin duda sería el ganador de la familia

  18. goldsoundz dice:

    Me quedo con el MK 7; igual hermoso y visto de cuerpo entero es mucho mejor que el preview ese de la trompa baja.

  19. robertgti1 dice:

    21 hs y tirando noticias … la primicia no espera 😉
    El interior podríamos decir que se peugeotizo, lo veo similar al 308

  20. TanoV12 dice:

    Todos los dias paso por la casa de un vecino que tiene un GTI mk7 con llantas 18′ en un estado impecable, ojala algun dia pueda tener uno asi

  21. Jose dice:

    GTE en gris oscuro para mi por favor!

  22. Rush2112 dice:

    Mk4 y mk7 los mejores de la dinastia. Que lindo debe empujar el gtd

  23. Xrush dice:

    Lindo el gte, muy bueno para la ciudad imagino, con 60kms de autonomía es un excelente alcance para el uso diario. El diésel acá muere y el naftero no se justifica a no ser que lo quieras para track days…aunque para eso iría por otro modelo de auto con mejor performance…y mas pistero…en fin…un gte por aquí jeje

  24. ezeq26 dice:

    A muchos se nos caerá el alma al piso, cuando VW traiga un par de unidades al mes, y lo pongan a precio totalmente desubicado.

  25. Scuderia dice:

    Donde esta Juan37???????

  26. Dick Laurent is very dead dice:

    El GTE sería lo mas viable hoy por hoy, poder andar toda la semana en electrico por la ciudad sin depender en de los surtidores y usar el mismo auto para hacer un viaje largo cuando se quiere, es simplemente genial

  27. ALMAGRO dice:

    No me gusta la trompa del nuevo Golf.

  28. Marco_ab dice:

    Hay que verlo en vivo, por fotos no me agrada mucho….Le clavaron el motor de la Amarok bien ahí ojala también vuelva el V6 jaja

  29. Colombo dice:

    Que feo esta, tanto exterior como interior, es una caja de zapatos ,gordo….y automático

  30. el_cata dice:

    No me gusta ni llama la atención en fotos; algo muy distinto debe ser verlo personalmente.

  31. Type_D dice:

    Me gusta más como definieron las luces auxiliares en el Megane RS Trophy que en este Golf.. Pareciera que se llevó puesto dos drones.

  32. PabloF1 dice:

    Me suelen gustar los interiores de VW pero en este caso les salió muy feo, mucho mas aún que el resto del auto que es de los Golf mas feos. Igual, me quedo con un GTI.

  33. Seba73 dice:

    Que mal quedan esas lucesitas en los paragolpes.
    Un GTD para mi y sería bastante feliz. Igual cualquiera de los 3 me va.

  34. Guido_glx dice:

    Qué lindo sería si pudiéramos tener acá toda la gama, como pasó con el mk7. Aunque creo que con ver unos pocos GTI (como pasó con el mk6) me conformo.

  35. R.H.C.P dice:

    Gti con ruedas de gte, hubiera quedado mejor. Por mi parte, quiero un GTD

  36. Pablo_GS200 dice:

    Soy bastante conservador en cuanto a “parámetros” en cuanto a autos deportivos, por lo tanto los diésel no entrarían en mis preferencias, pero con esa potencia y torque, sinceramente no sabría cual elegir. VW, por las dudas, tráelo!

  37. Sebad dice:

    GTE with plug-in hybrid. The plug-in hybrid drive of the Golf GTE essentially consists of a 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol engine (EA211 TSI) with 110 kW (150 PS), the hybrid module with an electric motor (85 kW), a 6-speed DSG (DQ400e) and a new lithium-ion battery. The powertrain delivers a maximum power output of 180 kW (245 PS) and a maximum system torque of 400 Nm. Compared with its predecessor, the all-electric range has increased significantly to now around 60 km

    245cv / 400nm /60km en modo eléctrico
    Nada mas que decir.

  38. Fenix sport dice:

    Hola buenos días CC sacame una duda, la nota habla de los Gti, etc… pero no dice nada si van a llegar a la Argentina, si confirma el Golf VIII puede ser ??? (CEO de VW Latinoamérica, confirmó que el nuevo Golf VIII está planeado para venderse en la Argentina (leer entrevista).) Muchas gracias

  39. martinleandro dice:

    GTD sin dudas…

  40. leocc dice:

    CC, siendo que todos saldran de Alemania, es posible que salgan (lleguen a la Argentina) con los mismos opcionales/caracteristicas globales?
    Ojala no sea un error esto de que todo el interior sea TAN digital o tactil, ya hay claros ejemplos que el abuso de lo tactil no resulta del todo bien.
    Que lindo seria que el Sr. Di Si, les diga si al GTI y R en la argentina…

  41. Mato dice:

    Me parece lindo de atrás, pero el frente tiene las opticas muy “chatas” y los LEDs de los antiniebla… parecen instalados en Warnes (sin ofender! pero me cuesta entender que un auto que siempre me gusto por su sobriedad le metan esos LEDs).

    Se sabe si los LEDs se prenden solos o si se pueden mantener apagados?

  42. MauroE dice:

    El GTD debe ser todo lo que esta bien en este mundo.

  43. Andres34 dice:

    La marca mas grasa del mundo.

  44. juancarloslopez dice:

    En USA esperan con ansias el GTD para hacerles pelo y barba

  45. Juan 3cv ds7 dice:

    Buenas, al.menos en las imágenes no me convence, coincido en que la trompa quedo desproporcionada y muy diferenciada del resto del auto,(sin verlo en vivo esa es la impresión) los leds parecen una mezcla de luz ovni cuando raptan a alguien y el tatoo tumbero de muerte a la policía. Buenas motorizaciones, pero nada nuevo bajo el sol del grupo Vag.

  46. Hercap dice:

    En el GTE (mi preferido) corrigieron un defecto de diseño del anterior (que en alguna nota mencioné), que el enchufe (plug-in) estaba detrás del logo frontal, cosa que con cualquier toque bolú… o de estacionamiento te quedas sin poder cargar vía enchufe la batería (con lo que debe costar ese repuesto). Ahora está en el lateral del guardabarros delantero. Bien VW.

  47. black owl dice:

    Esos antinieblas…………………….

  48. gringo42 dice:

    Gran auto, pero no me termina de agradar las luces rompe nieblas y al menos en las imagenes el tablero y pantalla, demasiado colorinche. Habrá que verlo en vivo.

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