Pagani L.E.O.: una App gratuita que podemos descargar todos (pero sólo podrán usar los clientes del Huayra)

El argentino Horacio Pagani -fundador de Pagani Automobili y creador de los famosos Zonda y Huayra– siempre dice que su mayor ídolo es Leonardo Da Vinci. El genio inventor y artista de Florencia inspiró al hombre de Casilda para bautizar a su hijo, Leonardo Pagani. Y ahora también fue la base para la aplicación que acaba de presentar la automotriz italiana: L.E.O., una app gratuita que podemos descargar todos, pero sólo sus clientes podrán usar.

Más allá del homenaje a Da Vinci, la sigla L.E.O. también viene de “Learn – Evaluate – Operate” (aprender, evaluar y operar). Se trata de una aplicación móvil que se puede descargar en cualquier teléfono, pero sólo resultará útil para quienes hayan comprado un Pagani Huayra.

La App L.E.O. tiene la capacidad de recibir y procesar toda la información que envían los sensores del vehículo (“Learn”). Puede diagnosticar la necesidad de realizar alguna tarea de mantenimiento (“Evaluate”). Y es capaz de ponerse en contacto con el servicio de mantenimiento más cercano, para ejecutar la tarea o realizar una actualización (“Operate”).

La aplicación L.E.O. ya está disponible de manera gratuita en la App Store de Apple y en la Play Store de Google. Pero no insistas con intentar activarla: primero vas a tener que comprarte un Huayra.


VIDEO: Así funciona la aplicación Pagani L.E.O.


Comunicado de prensa de Pagani Automobili
Pagani Automobili presents Pagani L.E.O., the remote diagnosis and predictive maintenance platform, tailor-made for Pagani Hypercars.

* A new control unit developed to constantly monitor the parameters of Pagani cars.
* The information is analysed in real time and transferred to the Pagani Cloud.
* Ground-breaking algorithms, developed by the After-Sales and Technical Departments of Pagani Automobili, have provided the basis for predictive maintenance operations and the development of new vehicles.
* Pagani clients can access the platform and manage maintenance operations through a dedicated mobile application.

San Cesario Sul Panaro – 21 October 2020. Pagani Automobili announces the introduction of Pagani L.E.O., the new control and data monitoring platform capable of remote diagnosis and predictive maintenance of the vehicle from a distance. L.E.O. stands for Learn – Evaluate – Operate.

Once L.E.O. has been installed in the car, it establishes a connection with the electronic architecture of the vehicle and collects all the information coming from the interaction between the various control units to perform constant analysis and monitoring of the connected systems (Learn). After an initial phase during which the data collected is checked and analysed, the information is then transmitted to a central server that is able to capture and store the parameters of each connected Pagani vehicle. Here they are analysed (Evaluate) through a complex system of algorithms defined by Pagani.

When the processing of the data is completed, L.E.O. moves on to the operational phase (Operate) and can perform a number of sophisticated operations in real time, such as sending predictive maintenance notifications or enabling remote execution of important updates using a specially developed, state of the art Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) system.

Already included on the Huayra Roadster BC and available for installation as a retrofit on the entire family of Huayra models, L.E.O. will:

* Allow customers to enjoy an even more intense experience of interaction with their cars through a specially developed App available on the App Store for iOS and on Google Play Store, through which they can monitor the status of the car, be notified about the availability of updates or even perform the update operation remotely, directly from a mobile device

* Allow Pagani dealers to provide proactive support to their customers based on the maintenance needs of each individual vehicle, with the aim of locating possible faults or malfunctions before they become a problem for owners (predictive maintenance).

* Allow Pagani Automobili to collect more information on the use of its products in order to undertake an ongoing process of improvement, aimed at increasing the value of the investment made by Pagani customers and rewarding them with increasingly high performance products.

“In the early 2000s we were one of the first companies in the industry to experiment with remote diagnostics and we have always realised the huge advantages in being able to support our customers remotely. We can now take advantage of the technological advances made in the last decade. We have developed L.E.O., which can offer this and much more, creating tangible value for our customers” – Horacio Pagani, Founder and Chief Designer of Pagani Automobili.

“The challenges posed by after-sales support for such an exclusive product, but one which is distributed throughout the world, pushed us to search for a cutting-edge solution. We developed the L.E.O. platform from scratch so that it could provide the best possible proactive support for Pagani clients, wherever they are located around the world” – Niccolò Valenti, Global Aftersales Manager, Pagani Automobili.

The development and implementation of Pagani L.E.O. took more than three years, during which the Atelier in San Cesario Sul Panaro collaborated with leading companies in the IT and Telecommunications sectors, such as Vodafone Business, While1 and DMD Computers, to create one of the best platforms currently available.

“We are proud that today we can celebrate such a milestone, together with the Pagani team, and that we have provided our own contribution to bringing the concept of the Connected Car to a new level. With L.E.O. we faced one of our toughest challenges, requiring us to imagine what the future would be like and turn it into reality shortly afterwards. For While1 being a leader means accomplishing something that others only have in their thoughts” – Franco Ometti, CEO While1.

“We are proud to collaborate with Pagani Automobili in redefining the car of the future – says Alessandro Canzian, Head of Corporate and Public Sector Marketing of Vodafone Business – a car that is increasingly technological, digital and connected throughout the world thanks to Vodafone connectivity and the Vodafone Cloud secure platform. Vodafone Business is always there for companies that embrace the future, providing the best solutions for digital transformation and acceleration”.

“We are honoured to have played a part in this project and to have contributed to the development of a unique product, like that of Pagani Automobili, by providing the necessary technology. This was a major challenge also for an organisation like ours that has been exporting its know-how around the world for many years.” – Stefano De Micheli, COO DMD Computers.

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    Un llamado a la solidaridad: amigos hackers, tengo un Mobi, me podrían conseguir que está app me lo convierta en un Huayra. Desde ya, muchas gracias.

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    Por las funciones que tiene es bastante similar a la app MyChevrolet. Que por cierto es muuy completa

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    Será la aplicación más cara de la historia?… Dónde hay alguien de los Récord Guinness cuando se los necesita?

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    Listo, descargada, ahora solo me falta el Huayra, pero por algo se empieza 🙂

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    Un motivo mas para que CR7 no se compre un Huayra

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    Unos de los hijos de Horacio se llama Leonardo, el otro Christopher

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    Me parece mejor opción que la app corra en un dispositivo del auto, barra los sensores, notifique on line, sugiera opciones por altavoces, geolocalice los talleres en el navegador, etc todo de forma online y no a demanda. La app en el celu es una opción cuando no estás manejando y cuando cuando disponés de conectividad.

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